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A $50 donation to Oscar Oliver’s “Buy a Backpack” campaign buys a new Backpack, filled with school & educational items, toys, games, personal supplies, candy & LEGO, which Oscar delivers in Poland to Ukrainian war refugee children and children living with health, physical and mental challenges.

In 2022, from March through December, 13 year-old Oscar from Barrie, Ontario, raised a total of 1,862 filled backpacks, which he delivered to the children in his three trips to Poland during the year.

(Click to download Oscar’s photo report from his Magical Christmas Mission in Poland.)

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(Click to download Oscar’s photo report from his “Kids for Kids” summer event.)

Oscar’s campaign is coordinated with the help of the Polish children’s charity, Fundacja Dziecięca Fantazja.

Please support Oscar campaign and “Buy a Backpack”. 

$50 buys one new backpack, filled with presents and supplies. You can buy one or more, or donate any amount towards Oscar’s campaign, by e-transfer or by credit card via PayPal.

 DONATE BY E-TRANSFER to: jfal@jfal.org – putting “Oscar’s Campaign” in the Message Box.


“There are now nearly 4 million refugees in Poland and so many of them are children, including orphans, who have quickly been forgotten”, said Oscar. “They are scared and many are sick and have disabilities. I realized that even an item as small as a backpack with small personal gifts can mean so much to others in need”, he said.

We hope that Oscar’s commitment, love and compassion to the war refugee children will encourage you to make a donation to support his mission.


The publicity generated from Oscar’s “Buy a Backpack” campaign led to Oscar being a guest speaker at churches and schools, which in turn is helping to create a new generation of young “givers”.

Other spin-offs resulting from his actions include; 200 refugee children being provided with new desks, lamps and cupboards so they don’t have to study on the floor; bedding, blankets, sheets and pillows for a refugee center with 330 people; a children’s day party for 100 refugee children and movie nights for the kids.

Oscar’s “Kids for Kids” attitude to life really works!
Oscar’s “Kids for Kids” attitude to life really works!

About Oscar:

Oscar is an Ontario Figure Skating Champion. He trains at the Mariposa School of Skating and attends Warnica Public School. Oscar is a dual Canadian/Polish citizen.

Oscar’s parents are recipients of the Canadian Governor General’s Medallion for Charity Work and for: “Strengthening Relations Between Poland & Canada”. They established the children’s charity, Fundacja Dziecięca Fantazja which, since 2004, has made over 8,500 wishes and dreams come true for children in Poland who live with life-threatening illnesses, life-limiting conditions or challenging disabilities.

Oscar was recently Guest of Honor at the Canadian Embassy, Warsaw, Poland, in recognition of his charitable activities.

For media interviews, or for copies of previous media articles or news videos, please e-mail Oscar: oscar@f-df.org

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