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A $50 donation to 14 year-old Oscar Oliver’s “Care-Packs for Young Heroes” Campaign buys one Care-Pack for a child affected by war, conflict, natural disaster, serious illness or living in social care.

Oscar’s campaign provides 3 types of Care-Packs for the “Young Heroes” he supports:

i) Back-Packs: for war refugee children – filled with school/educational supplies, toiletries & cosmetics, toys, games, candy & LEGO.

ii) Comfort-Packs: for children living in conflict zones or natural disaster areas – filled with personal hygiene items, clothes & accessories, blanket & soft mascot.

iii) Gift-Packs: for children living with life-threatening illnesses, life-limiting conditions, emotional stress or living in social care – filled with various gifts and accessories, toys, games, candy & LEGO.


Oscar is a junior international figure skater and a member of the Polish National team. 

Every time Oscar competes in an international competition, he raises funds for his campaign by inviting supporters to donate $1 for every point he scores.

After each event, Oscar publishes his official score card, together with a video of his performances, and his supporters donate $1 (or more) for every point he scores in the short program, or the free skate program, or both. Donations go to provide Care-Packs for children in need. 


“Care-Packs for Young Heroes”: Oscar’s current appeal is to provide 200 filled Gift-Packs for children living in social care. Oscar plans to have them sent to various children’s centers, including orphanages in Pokrovsk, Ukraine, and Bielsko-Biała, Poland, which is home to orphans from Ukraine. A $50 donation buys one Gift-Pack and you can buy one or more, or donate any amount towards Oscar’s appeal, by credit card via the PayPal button below.

“Skating for Young Heroes”: Message Oscar at: oscar@f-df.org to become a supporter of his “Skating for Young Heroes” initiative and join this exclusive and compassionate group of philanthropists – to provide Care-Packs for children in need. Existing supporters can make their donation of $1, or more, for every point scored by Oscar at his latest competition, by credit card via the PayPal button below.


To Oscar’s Charity Partner, the Children’s Foundation, Fundacja Dziecięca Fantazja:



Oscar’s campaigns are coordinated with the help of his charity partner, the Children’s Foundation in Poland, Fundacja Dziecięca Fantazja, who receive the donations and purchase all the supplies on his behalf and manage the logistics of delivering the Back-Packs, Comfort-Packs & Care-Packs to the appropriate centers, and arranges the Children’s Gala Events, during Easter, Summer & Xmas, for Oscar to attend and present the Gift-Packs personally to the children.

The Foundation, established in 2004 by Oscar’s parents, has made over 9,500 wishes and dreams come true for children in Poland who live with life-threatening illnesses, life-limiting conditions or challenging disabilities. In 2014 they received the Canadian Governor General’s Medallion for their charity work and for: “Strengthening Relations Between Poland & Canada”.


Oscar is a dual Canadian/Polish citizen.

In recognition of his charitable initiatives and actions, in 2022, Oscar was Guest of Honor at the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw, Poland, and in 2023 Oscar received the prestigious Kiwanis Citizenship Award.


Watch a Video Review of Oscar’s Campaign Actions & Figure Skating Achievements in 2023.


Oscar’s “Kids for Kids” mission is supported by: The Complete Group of Companies.

“It’s always the innocent children who suffer”, said Oscar. “They are scared and frightened and I want to try and bring a smile to their faces and to show someone cares”. “I’m on a “Kids for Kids” mission and I want to help as many as I can”.

“Through my campaigns I know that even an item as small as a Care-Pack with small personal gifts can mean so much to others in need”, said Oscar.

We hope that Oscar’s commitment, love and compassion to children affected by war, conflict, natural disaster, serious illness or living in social care will encourage you to make a donation to support his campaigns and current appeals.


Oscar is so grateful for the wonderful support he has received, for his humanitarian campaigns, from his airline partners, CONDOR and AUSTRIAN AIRLINES.


The publicity generated from Oscar’s campaigns led to Oscar being a guest speaker at churches and schools, which in turn is helping to create a new generation of young “givers”.

Other spin-offs resulting from his actions include; refugee children being provided with new desks, lamps and cupboards so they don’t have to study on the floor; bedding, blankets, sheets and pillows for a refugee center; a children’s day party for refugee children and movie nights for the kids.

Oscar’s campaign also supplied backpacks, with supplies, to 50 refugee children from various countries who arrived at a refugee camp in Poland, after living for many weeks in difficult conditions in a forest in Belarus, before being allowed to cross the border.

Oscar’s “Kids for Kids” attitude to life really works!

Oscar’s “Kids for Kids” attitude to life really works!


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“In the Spotlight” – Oscar’s Media Montage.

For media interviews, or for copies of previous media articles or news videos, please e-mail Oscar: oscar@f-df.org

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