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Oscar’s Mission

A $50 donation to 13 year-old Oscar Oliver’s “Buy a Backpack” Humanitarian Mission buys a new Backpack, filled with personal hygiene supplies, essential clothing, educational items, toys, games & candy.

Oscar will travel to Warsaw, Poland, later in March on his first trip of 2023, to pack the backpacks and load 3 trucks.

The first truck will deliver his backpacks directly to Ukrainian war affected children, living in orphanages in Ukraine, including the “Children’s Town Residential Care Orphanage” in Pokrovsk, which is in the Dontesk region where the fighting is really bad.

The second truck, from Ecolines in Lodz, Poland, will deliver his backpacks to three charity organizations in Turkey, including the Turkish Religious Foundation in Ankara. They will then distribute his backpacks to displaced Turkish children who are victims of the terrible earthquake in Kahramanmaras, which has killed so many and left tens of thousands homeless and fighting for survival.

Oscar will be going in the third truck to deliver his backpacks to the children’s orphanage in Bielsko-Biała, which is home to all the orphans from Vinnytsia Oblast, in the center of Ukraine.

“Wherever in the world there is a catastrophe that affects children, I want my “Buy a Backpack” campaign to be there to help”, said Oscar.

Oscar’s campaign is coordinated with the help of the Children’s Foundation in Poland, Fundacja Dziecięca Fantazja, who purchase the backpacks and supplies on his behalf and helps arrange and coordinate the transportation and destinations of the backpacks for Oscar

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Please support Oscar’s HUMANITARIAN MISSION and “Buy a Backpack” for a war or earthquake affected child. 

$50 buys one new backpack, filled with personal and essential supplies, gifts and candy. You can buy one or more, or donate any amount towards Oscar’s mission, by e-transfer or by credit card via PayPal.

 DONATE BY E-TRANSFER to: – putting “Oscar’s Campaign” in the Message Box.


Kids for Kids

The first deliveries in 2023 of Oscar’s “backpacks of comfort” will arrive for the children in time for Easter.  “These innocent children in both countries have really suffered”, said Oscar. “Many of the Ukrainian children caught up in this terrible war have been abandoned in orphanages. They come from troubled homes or saw their parents killed during the fighting. The Turkish children who are victims of a massive earthquake have lost everything”, he said. “All the children are scared and frightened and I want to try and bring a smile to their faces and to show someone from far away cares”. “I’m on a “Kids for Kids” mission and I want to help as many as I can”.

Oscar’s Target

During 2022, Oscar raised a total of 1,862 backpacks through three separate “Buy a Backpack” campaigns which he organized after the war in Ukraine began. Each backpack was filled with school supplies, various gifts, toiletries, candy & LEGO and Oscar delivered these to Ukrainian war refugee children in Poland and children’s organizations, including children living with health, physical and mental challenges.

For his 2023 Humanitarian Missions, Oscar is determined to raise another 1,133 filled backpacks for children affected by the war in Ukraine and the earthquake in Turkey. This will then bring his “Buy a Backpack” campaign total to 3,000 backpacks. “Whatever number of backpacks I raise, I will split them equally between the countries”, said Oscar.


Oliwia, aged 12, donating her Guinness world record certificate and signed world record figure skate to a child with spina bifida

“The war in Ukraine has affected and devastated the lives of thousands of children. There are over 105,000 child orphans living in 750 institutions in Ukraine. Half of these children are social orphans with a disability, with no home to go back to”, said Oscar. “The earthquake in Turkey is the largest earthquake in the world for over 10 years. The children must feel so frightened and insecure, not knowing if another quake will hit soon. Through my Buy a Backpack campaign I know that even an item as small as a backpack with small personal gifts can mean so much to others in need”, he said.

We hope that Oscar’s commitment, love and compassion to the children affected by war and earthquake will encourage you to make a donation to support his mission.

Airline Partner:

Oscar is so grateful for the wonderful support he has received, for his “Buy a Backpack” humanitarian mission, from his airline partner, CONDOR.

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About Fundacja Dziecięca Fantazja

Since 2004, Fantazja has made over 8,500 wishes and dreams come true for children in Poland who live with life-threatening illnesses, life-limiting conditions or challenging disabilities. Thousands more have had their spirits lifted and dreams kept alive through one of Fantazja’s many special events.